Africa Diesel Generator Market Size New Innovations Trends, Research, Global Share and Growth Factor 2022-2031

The Africa Diesel Generator market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 2% over the period . Factors such as an increase in demand for uninterrupted and reliable power supply and the rise in the industrial sector are expected to drive the market. However, advancement in battery technologies may act as a restrain for the market.

– The backup generator segment is expected to have the largest market share by application as most of the countries, especially the sub-Saharan countries, lack quality transmission that leads to citizens owning their generator, which can be used when required.
– The increasing popularity of hybrid generators and rising reliability of the hybrid system may be an opportunity for the industry due to its usage of various resources, driving down the cost, and reducing dependence on a single fuel.
– Nigeria is expected to dominate the market due to its large population and increasing economic growth in the country. The demand for electricity is expected to rise with an increase in the size of its population.

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Key Market Trends

Backup Generators to Dominate the Market

– Several countries in Africa, especially western Africa, heavily rely upon the use of small capacity generators to meet daily usage of electricity. This is primarily due to the demand for uninterrupted and reliable power supply, which the utility grid is unable to provide.
– The transmission network and reliability of the utility grid may directly correlate with the amount of power generated by the backup generators in a region. For Example, North Africa, which has higher access to the grid, has a lower use of backup generators than the Sub-Saharan countries.
– In 2018, Egypt’s citizens had 100% access to electricity in their country, whereas in the Democratic Republic of Congo, less than 20% of the population was covered. The Democratic Republic of Congo, consequently, has a higher electricity generation from its diesel backup generators than Egypt. Therefore, countries with low utility grid access are expected to provide growth to the market.
– Many different industries, like the construction industry, require a reliable source of electricity. Such industries make up a large user base for backup generators; with the growth of such sectors in the region, the demand for backup generators is expected to increase further in the forecast period.
– Therefore, diesel backup generators are expected to continue to dominate the market due to an increase in demand for an uninterrupted and reliable source of energy in the region.

Nigeria to Dominate the Market

– Nigeria is among the highest consumer of energy generated by backup generators in the region. It is due to several factors including easy availability of fossil fuel, poor governmental policies leading to low transmission capabilities, and an increasing population leading to an increase in electricity demand. All these factors push consumers to produce their electricity using small backup generators, thereby aiding the growth of the market
– Consumption of electricity in the country increased, by 3.85%, from approximately 52 million tons of oil equivalent (mtoe), in 2017 to nearly 54 mtoe, in 2018. A high rate of consumption is expected to maintain in the forecast period, thereby driving growth in the market.
– The country is a large user of small-scale diesel generators, which rely heavily on the use of diesel and gasoline as the primary fuel. Problems with the transmission of electricity is a significant driver of the market, as, in 2018, only 56.5 % of the population had direct access to the utility grid.
– Hence, Nigeria is expected to dominate the market due to its large population and low transmission capabilities leading to an increase in demand for diesel generators in the country.

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