The Great Reset album cover

Shuja Rabbani, EDM Producer

The Great Reset album cover art

Afghan music producer Shuja Rabbani teams up with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ian Urbina to collaborate on The Noam Chomsky Music Project.

Afghanistan and the U.S. may be at war with each other for the past 20 years but it is music and the alignment of our values that have brought us together.”

— Shuja Rabbani

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, September 30, 2021 / — As one of the few names in Afghanistan’s digital music space, Shuja Rabbani continues to defy cultural norms and push for social and cultural evolution in Afghanistan. With consistent music releases over the past decade, Rabbani is amongst the hand-picked 50+ artists globally that have collaborated with Ian Urbina in the release of the latest EP album titled ‘The Great Reset’.

The inspiration for the title of the album comes from the global lockdown in 2020 when Rabbani spent time in the making of this project. Shuja Rabbani has produced all six tracks in the album and the inspiration for the music comes from the ethnic sounds of Asia and the Middle East.

With the most recent political crisis unfolding in Afghanistan following President Joe Biden’s announcement on U.S. troop withdrawal, Shuja Rabbani explains: “Twenty years after the US invasion, Afghanistan continues to be in the world headlines for all the bad news and I’m still trying to change that. Our countries may be at war with each other for the past 20 years but it is music and the alignment of our values that have brought us together.”

Noam Chomsky is arguably one of the most important dissident intellectuals of the past 60 years who is globally recognized for his anti-war and anti-imperialism narrative. The Noam Chomsky Music Project infuses music with Chomsky’s work. The project delivers the words of Chomsky to the ears of the world using the universal language of music.

Shuja Rabbani’s previous collaboration with Ian Urbina includes The Outlaw Ocean Music Project based on bestselling book ‘The Outlaw Ocean’ which explores investigative stories about lawlessness at sea.

Shuja Rabbani is a music producer from Afghanistan. He uses his platform to encourage other upcoming Afghan artists to move away from promoting their music exclusively through their physical presence and move to the digital world where they can expand their reach.

Shuja uses the power of music to create bespoke binaural beats as part of his profession as a licensed Rapid Transformational Therapy® practitioner and a certified hypnotherapist.

Shuja Rabbani
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