Account Executive Jeff Mcelhaugh Discusses Why Social Media Marketing Is More Important Now Than Ever

Jeffrey Mcelhaugh

Jeffrey Mcelhaugh

Account executive Jeff Mcelhaugh recently discussed why social media marketing is more important now than ever before.

Social media is now an essential part of building customer loyalty”

— Jeff Mcelhaugh

FEASTERVILLE, PA, USA, May 20, 2021 / — Social media marketing is now an essential part of every business’ marketing plan, experts say. Account executive Jeff Mcelhaugh recently discussed why social media marketing is more important than ever before.

“Social media marketing is no longer an option for businesses, it’s a must-have,” Jeff Mcelhaugh said. “Customers expect you to have a strong social media presence, and they even expect your customer service department to communicate through social media.”

Jeff Mcelhaugh began by stating that consumers no longer immediately search for a company’s website. They search for their social media accounts instead. They now expect to communicate with a customer service department through a social media chat. Companies that don’t offer this option are inconveniencing their customers, and in modern times, that can lead to the customer searching for another product or service.

“Social media is now an essential part of building customer loyalty,” Jeff Mcelhaugh said. “Your customers feel more connected with your company and your products when they interact with you on social media. A simple reply to a comment can keep a customer coming back for life.”

Jeff Mcelhaugh stated that individuals who follow your business on social media are more likely to be loyal to that business. They’ll choose you over the competition because they feel more connected to your brand. Mcelhaugh suggested boosting sales and loyalty by offering promo codes and discounts to social media followers. Similarly, asking questions to the audience will encourage your customers to reply and keep them engaged. Replying to those comments can be a simple step that keeps them customers for life.

“Social media can be an easy gateway to your website or blog,” Mcelhaugh said. “Website traffic is now more commonly linked to social media than search engines, and that says something for how much social media is being used.”

Finally, Mcelhaugh emphasized that social media marketing is an unbeatable option because it’s practically free. Posting and replying to comments is 100-percent free, and creating sponsored ads is extremely affordable. Social media marketing offers massive outreach capabilities for a fraction of the price of print or TV advertising.

“We’re so fortunate to have this marketing outlet available to us,” Mcelhaugh finished. “Companies that aren’t using it are missing out on major affordable advertising opportunities.”

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