Abbi Jones of Medpaper™ and Eco-pi™ to be Featured on Close Up Radio

NORTHPORT, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, September 24, 2021 / — If you think about the qualities an entrepreneur needs, you will soon understand how Abbi Jones became one. They have to be curious and passionate. They have to have confidence in their ideas. Entrepreneurs also need the mindset to overcome challenges. When Abbi Jones launched her company Medpaper™ and its flagship product Eco-Pi™ she left a lucrative career in pharmaceutical sales to take a risk. She was also a single mother (with three young kids) and she started it just before the pandemic–a time when doctors were hesitant about office visitors. Abbi learned that nothing could scare her now, and that you just keep plugging. It all worked out, and the Medpaper™ team is now pursuing a patent on a second invention.

“My products make people say, geez, why didn’t I think of that?” Abbi says, “because the concept is so simple.” She realized what was needed in the medical space and created it: her first product, eco-pí, is a paper funnel that facilitates the collection of urine samples. The idea arose from a personal experience during Abbi’s pregnancy, as well as from interacting in doctor’s offices. The concept of controlling the urine stream while staying clean is something women can immediately associate with, and something that makes even more sense now that cleanliness precautions are a top priority.

Abbi’s flagship product was named eco-pi™ for several reasons, the foremost being a desire to lessen the amount of plastic used and discarded (just consider the magnitude of plastic samples at all the doctor’s offices and all the labs around the world that get tossed out on a daily basis!) Abbi had also travelled to Italy around that time (she has relatives there) and loved the way the Italians said “pe-pi.”

“I overheard things in doctor’s offices over the years. And I had personal struggles, especially while pregnant. I had this idea in my head that there should be some kind of device to funnel the urine into that little cup. I held onto that idea for a couple of years until some personal circumstances made me move on with it.”

Abbi cautions entrepreneurs to take their time developing, modifying and manufacturing a product. She notes that working with paper is not always easy, since it’s not a very malleable material, and that her current product went through several tweaks. Doing initial research, trials, and soliciting feedback were also important steps in product development. Abbi knows that having an idea, patenting it, and then manufacturing it are just the tip of the iceberg, and there is a long road of legal, financial and marketing work ahead; work that often requires the input of expert collaborators.

When Abbi talks about what she went through, how women felt, and how men took time to understand, you will be laughing as well as learning. Discover it all in this radio show.

Close Up Radio will feature entrepreneur Abbi Jones in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday, Sept. 28th at 1:00pm EDT

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