AADA Lending Protocol Private Sale Closes in 2 Weeks

With the power of cryptocurrency, AADA is reverse-engineering the banking system and breaking financial barriers

NICOSIA, CYPRUS, July 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The popularity of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance is growing every day, and it is revolutionizing the world of finance. AADA is harnessing this new technology to create a new lending system that addresses the issues of scalability in decentralized finance and expands access to DeFi systems.

AADA is a DeFi protocol built for staking, lending, and borrowing. AADA uses the Cardano blockchain, a cheaper and more efficient alternative to Ethereum, to build a scalable DeFi ecosystem. This unique solution has the potential to transform the DeFi sector.

One of AADA’s central goals is to help people worldwide gain access to financial resources. The Aada developers see the lack of access to financial institutions as a cause of poverty worldwide and are committed to addressing this issue in their company. AADA’s system will create an opportunity for people to escape the dangers of loan sharks and corrupt banking practices, and gain control over their finances.

AADA uses smart contracts on the Cardano ecosystem, allowing all of its lending, borrowing, and staking to be done transparently. Aada functions as an intermediate between lenders and borrowers, expediting the process and ensuring security and best practices.

The AADA platform includes a variety of features that support customers, such as flash loans allowing users to instantly swap deposited assets, pooled lending protocol, and a safety module to protect assets. The platform will also include the AADA DeFi Academy, providing educational resources to help users learn how to navigate the DeFi world.

AADA’s combination of community, accessibility, and technology is the wave of the future. Their platform and ideas are changing the world of decentralized finance, opening it up, and creating new opportunities for the future. The AADA lending protocol private sale is available now and will close on July 15. The private sale allocation is 20,000,000 AADA. The AADA Private sale Token price is $0.20 with a 6 month lock period, or $0.30 without the locking period.

More information on AADA and the Lending Protocol private sale can be found on the AADA website, Gitbook, and Telegram.

Ryan Grindino
Aada Ltd.

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