A2 Hosting Gets eCommerce Customers Ready for Q4 and Holiday Sales Traffic

A2 Releases Expert Content and a New Guide Which, with its Turbo Features, Deliver Better Website Performance

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — This year eCommerce websites and online shops have continued to rise in popularity. With many people remaining indoors for yet another year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this holiday season promises to be one of the biggest in online shopping history. Over 230.5 million U.S. shoppers have already purchased online in 2021. With such big revenue months coming in Q4, A2 Hosting has been doing everything they can to help their customers get their websites “Holiday Season” ready.

As a web hosting company that’s been in the business for nearly two decades, A2 Hosting knows that though heavy traffic and high conversion rates are amazingly beneficial for their eCommerce customers, the influx of increased customers to their websites can wreak havoc if they aren’t properly prepared. Some common problems that online stores may face include slowing site speeds during peak times, website crashes, and generally missing out on the explosion of new opportunities that come with the increased website traffic during the holiday spending sprees.

A2 Hosting is helping customers address these issues by sharing various guides and guest blogs. With topics ranging from tactics to speed up eCommerce websites, a developer’s checklists to improve site preparation from the backend, and marketing strategies to improve eCommerce stores’ frontline approach, A2 Hosting is committed to preparing their customers for a successful Q4.

“Having a fast and stable website is crucial for eCommerce success, especially during the holiday season,” says Bryan Muthig, CEO at A2 Hosting. “By ensuring our customers are properly prepared, have the right hosting plan, and the right amount of resources, we’re doing everything we can to set them up for success.”

A2 Hosting is also offering special pricing on Turbo features on many of its plans to drive greater levels of speed and performance. With limited occupancy, upgraded server hardware, advanced caching software, optimized configurations, and a variety of performance add-ons, A2 Turbo plans are built for speed. Some important benefits include:
3x Faster NVMe Storage
Up to 20x faster page load times
Handle up to 9x more traffic
40% Faster Processors

“Now more than ever it’s critical that we support our eCommerce customers and help them ready their sites for the increased traffic,” says Muthig. “Together we want to sail through Q4 and help our customers create the best holiday shopping experience possible for their potential customers.”

You can read our new guide, “The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your eCommerce Website Holiday Ready with A2 Hosting” here and remember to check out our blog and discounted Turbo plans to make sure you are ready for the holiday season.

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