A traditional Voodoo Houngan invites you to learn about the spirits

Voodoo is often shrouded in mystery and may frighten people. Emmanuel Arthur Edwards wants to change that.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Voodoo is a spiritual tradition shrouded in mystery and often maligned in popular media. Emmanuel Arthur Edwards, a third generation Houngan, or Voodoo Priest, would like you to know it isn’t all bad. He invites you to explore this vibrant tradition with him and see how it may enrich your own life.

“Voodoo frightens many people,” says Emmanuel, “but really there is little to be afraid of.” At least as you’re not on the wrong end of the spirits. A tradition without neither sole personal deity nor devil, the spirits in Voodoo, or Lwa as they are known, have the capacity for good and for evil. “Yes, they curse people. But they also heal,” Emmanuel says.

While Voodoo has been depicted alongside Hollywood zombies, the real tradition is much more. Initiates to Voodoo build relationships with the spirits, which they nurture and treat as they would human partners. And yes, there are spells. “Spells are a big part of what we do,” says Emmanuel. Voodoo spells are intertwined with Voodoo rituals and they are believed to benefit the lives of adherents to Voodoo.

“Yes, we have spells for love. We have spells for protection,” says Emmanuel. Do they work? He says they do. He would swear by them. As do the millions of practitioners and adherents of Voodoo around the world. You can find them anywhere, from the coasts of Africa to the urban sprawl of New York City. Adherents hail from the shining city of New Orleans to the wilderness of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

Emmanuel oversees Emmanuel’s Real Voodoo Spells, one of the oldest Voodoo websites. Here he offers his traditional services globally, spells and assorted services. The site contains a rich database of information about Voodoo spirits, news about events from the Voodoo community and recommendations on academic resources where you can learn about Voodoo.

Emmanuel fields many questions daily. For example, are Voodoo Priests also psychics? They can be. All Houngans do divination with the spirits, who they believe to show them insights about the future. Not all are intuitive psychics. “I see things intuitively,” says Emmanuel, “But for the hard questions I ask the Lwa.”

How can I learn Voodoo? This is another common one. “You must be initiated,” says Emmanuel. Voodoo initiation is a multi-step process where you commit yourself to the Lwa. You can think of this as a baptism. In fact, it includes a baptism rite. This will not give you spells or powers right away, however. The secret rites and rituals of Voodoo are guarded at the highest levels.

A tradition that has often been used as fodder for entertainment, comic books and movies may seem surreal to you. “We don’t ask anyone to believe,” says Emmanuel. Voodoo is not a tradition that proselytizes or seeks converts. All are invited, but they must come of their own conviction. It is not a dogmatic religion. It does not teach that it is required for salvation. Yet, it is said people who come to Voodoo rarely leave. They claim to see the power of the rites and the results in their own lives.

“I want people to come to me with their problems,” says Emmanuel. The traditional role of the Houngan has been a healer, a listener, a confidant. Before modern professions, the Houngan served most social roles. Even now, many social problems are not well addressed by mundane means. The role and utility of the Houngan remains in the Voodoo community. They continue to be sought out when material avenues seem to have failed.

“What I want people to take home from Voodoo is the knowledge that it is useful. It can be used to help you. We fail to solve many of our problems because we ignore spiritual causes. Voodoo is a toolbox for addressing those spirits,” says Emmanuel.

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