A pioneering new platform launches today to revolutionise mental health support backed by medical experts

Actor David Harewood and Danny Gray in the JAAQ studio

Actor David Harewood and Danny Gray in the JAAQ studio

Entrepreneur Danny Gray, founder of JAAQ and War Paint For Men

Entrepreneur Danny Gray, founder of JAAQ and War Paint For Men

Alastair Campbell answers your mental health questions on JAAQ

JAAQ (Just Ask A Question) is a free to use, interactive, online platform offering immediate responses from world-leading mental health professionals

Our vision for JAAQ is to change the world of mental health, one question at a time.”

— Danny Gray

LONDON , UNITED KINGDOM, October 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — A new not-for-profit organisation – JAAQ (Just Ask A Question) – has launched a revolutionary, interactive mental health platform that offers advice and expertise from world leading health professionals, as well as well-known figures such as actor David Harewood and political strategist Alastair Campbell, who have both experienced mental health illnesses.

JAAQ.co.uk is a free-to-use, interactive, online platform, that will offer immediate responses to questions about different mental health conditions including psychosis, body dysmorphia and depression.

It is the brainchild of Danny Gray, who has lived with body dysmorphia for over 20 years and as a result founded War Paint for Men, the world’s first men’s makeup brand, which was backed on Dragons Den by Peter Jones and Tej Lalvani.

When a question is asked, video answers are given from world renowned consultants in their field such as Professor in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapies at Kings College London and Consultant Psychiatrist, David Veale and Consultant Psychiatrist Early Intervention in Psychosis Services, Doctor Erin Brown. The pre-recorded video, combined with AI and voice recognition, allows easy access to answers to hundreds of commonly asked questions, revolutionising access to information.

Well-known figures such as David Harewood and Alastair Campbell share their experiences of living with psychosis and depression respectively, while founder Danny Gray answers questions about body dysmorphia. For example, it is possible to ask David Harewood ‘What is psychosis?’, ‘What was it like to be sectioned?’, and ‘How should I support someone with psychosis?’.

The idea for the platform came about when Gray noticed the ever-widening gap in support and information for those experiencing mental health issues; data shows around 20% of young people with mental ill health wait more than six months to receive care from a specialist and often they are already at crisis point .

Gray explains: “Our vision for JAAQ is to change the world of mental health, one question at a time. There’s lots of work being done with mental health at the moment around awareness, breaking down stigma and supporting people in crisis, but this is the first solution to provide expert information interactively for individuals and the people close to them from the very beginning of their journey, in order to encourage them to reach out for help and potentially prevent them reaching that crisis stage.”

One in four people are affected by mental health issues worldwide and there has long been widespread concern about the information and support available for those in need. The need for mental health information and support has been amplified by the pandemic, as the arrival of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns took an additional toll on peoples’ mental health.

An estimated eight million people in England with mental health problems cannot get specialist help because they are not sick enough to qualify. In addition, there is an official waiting list of 1.6 million people for NHS mental health care.

JAAQ aims to combat the issue of lack of access to specialist mental health services information with its using revolutionary technology, created and developed by In The Room. Anyone wanting advice, simply goes online and ask the questions they are eager to know, in order to help themselves and those around them understand what they are experiencing. While at present it focusses on expert information about depression, psychosis and body dysmorphia, the platform is rapidly developing and expanding; in the not-too-distant future it will also address OCD, anxiety, eating disorders and the impact that racism can have on mental health.

The service can also be experienced in-person at the JAAQ booth at the War Paint for Men shop situated at 29 Carnaby Street, London. A mobile JAAQ experience has also been developed with a kitted-out van ready to visit schools, sporting events and festivals across the UK.

Danny concludes: “This is the first solution to provide information support to individuals and the people close to them from the very beginning of their journey; it is aimed at preventing them reaching that crisis stage. We’re really proud of this platform and hope it is able to offer vital information to some of the millions out there who are waiting for help or have questions to ask about a loved one.”

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JAAQ – supporting mental health one question at a time

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