A Commitment To Helping Others Succeed: How Derry Gadson of Elkhart Is Helping People In Prison Get A Fresh Start

Derry Gadson Elkhart explains exactly why it’s so important for inmates to develop life skills before their release date

ELKHART, INDIANA, USA, May 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — How Financial Consultant Derry Gadson of Elkhart Is Giving Back
During time in prison, many people get used to the strict day-to-day mandated routines practiced by their correctional facility. Many inmates find that after they’re released, they struggle to thrive in the real world. Derry Gadson of Elkhart is working to help those in prison develop the skill they’ll need to live happy, productive lives upon their return to society. Here, Derry Gadson of Elkhart explains exactly why it’s so important for inmates to develop life skills before their release date. 

Get Inmates Up To Speed On Technology
Derry Gadson of Elkhart says that it’s important to remember that many inmates have been in prison for a decade — or longer. While it’s hard to imagine a pre-smartphone world, many inmates entered the system in a time before iPhones and Facetime. 

Helping inmates with basic technology skills is a smart way to prepare them for challenges in the real world. Derry Gadson of Elkhart says that it’s important to get practical when it comes to technology skills. Not all inmates will have access to a cell phone or computer upon their release, but will still need to access technology to apply for jobs, utilize transportation services, and more. Equip inmates with a list of public libraries and internet cafes where they’ll be able to put their new technology skills to good use. 

Talk About Money
Talking about finances and budgeting is important, according to Derry Gadson of Elkhart. You don’t necessarily need to be a financial expert to help inmates get a handle on finances before their release. 

Walking inmates through a simple pen-and-paper budget can be a helpful way to increase their chances of a happy, healthy life after their release. Some inmates entered the system while they were still young and living with their parents, and will be on their own for the first time after their release. 

Talking about taxes, rent, transportation costs, utility bills, and the importance of building a savings account can all help inmates become prepared for the challenges they’ll face after their sentence is complete. 

Derry Gadson of Elkhart Says Communication Is Key
It’s important to talk with inmates and find out where they’re struggling, according to Derry Gadson Elkhart. While it may be tempting to volunteer in a prison with a strict agenda in mind, it’s key to listen to what inmates actually need. Regular back and forth about topics they’d like you to cover and worries they have about returning to day-to-day life can be helpful for creating an effective curriculum. 

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