401GO Incorporates Finch Universal Payroll and HR API

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Businesses can now leverage a robust HR system that ties payroll and 401(k) planning into one seamless platform

Finch’s simple integration is allowing 401GO to even further simplify 401k management for small businesses.”

— Nate Beck, Co-Founder of 401GO

WEST JORDAN, UTAH, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Employee data is oftentimes dispersed across many unsynced systems increasing the likelihood of time-consuming and expensive errors. Now with payroll automation, businesses can keep costs low, create more efficient plans and reduce administrative work.

Today, 401GO, the first company to offer a fully automated 401(k) plan setup process to help people save for the future with affordable and accessible retirement plans, announced an integration with Finch, the universal payroll and HR API.

Finch allows applications to access data and make changes across payroll and HR systems through a single API. With Finch integrated to 401GO’s platform, HR can seamlessly connect to payroll and HR systems by removing the barrier between systems and unifying access with a single integration to support 401(k) planning.

Professionals in human resources, insurance and finance now have a single robust solution to manage payroll.

* HR and Benefit tech platforms can pull census data and push changes to adjust contributions, change deductions and streamline onboarding.
* SMB financing and insurance platforms utilize headcount and payroll expenses to augment underwriting and reduce fraud.
* Financial management and accounting applications pull detailed headcount expenses to unlock cost-saving insights.

“401GO has been a key supporter of Finch’s product and coverage expansion. They have helped us better understand the complexities of regulatory requirements and the challenges of handling inconsistencies between various systems,” says Ansel Parikh, co-founder of Finch. “This is just the beginning. We’re excited to continue building a deeper relationship with the 401GO team so we can both grow together. We aim to follow their lead in supporting the start-up ecosystem and look to pay their generosity forward to emerging companies working towards product-market fit.”

401GO’s founders — Jared Porter, Nate Beck and Daniel Beck — are entrepreneurs and business owners that have managed multiple small businesses. The team understands that most employers know very little about 401(k) plans and are simply looking for a quick, easy to use and affordable solution. While focusing on the needs of a small business, the founders had to rethink everything from nonsensical industry jargon to the processes in place for setting up and administering a 401(k) plan. They coupled their fresh approach with automation and built a fully integrated and intuitive system that does the work typically completed by 3-4 providers. Ultimately, through its efficiency and automation, 401GO saves employers and employees money, time and hassle, giving them the opportunity to save for retirement.

“Finch’s simple integration is allowing 401GO to even further simplify 401k management for small businesses,” Co-Founder of 401GO, Nate Beck, says. “Finch integrates with the majority of the payroll providers our clients use, providing us with the ability to add new employees, process contributions, and handle all the day-to-day tasks automatically. Finch has saved us countless hours of development time so we can better focus on the needs of our clients and partners.”

To learn more about 401GO, please visit: https://401go.com/.

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